Golf Instruction

Woman Golfer0-60 MPH GOLF IN 30 DAYS

Do you want to learn to play golf and become comfortable on the golf course? Are you completely new to the game of golf or have you taken a few lessons but still lack confidence? Do you play with your friends but feel self-conscious while doing so? Are you a women between the ages of 50 and 100 (sorry guys and younger women)? If you answered yes to any of the above, then this is the program for you! Jenni Martin designed the class specifically to be an enjoyable and relaxed introduction to the game of golf. During the course, she provides all of the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary to play the game comfortably and with confidence. The student will complete the course with a solid understanding of golf terminology, basic golf rules, golf etiquette, handicapping and scoring, proper set up and swing mechanics and golf club choices. In addition, the student will have gained full swing, putting, chipping and sand play proficiency.



  • One one-hour-long lesson per week for five weeks
  • One two-hour lesson on the golf course during the sixth week

What’s Included:

  • Beginner 9 iron with a special grip and aim tool
  • Beginner putter
  • Home training aides
  • Ball marker
  • Golf towel
  • Handouts on basic rules and etiquette.


Lessons are given in the Golf Gapper Mobile Lab which is located at the Woodhaven Golf Club.


  • Private Lesson: $500.00
  • Semi-Private Lesson: $350.00 per person (Two student limit)


Private lessons are available only to those individuals who have completed The Golf Gapper Analysis. The lessons are structured such that the student is free to design his or her own lesson plan based on their individual goals should they choose. However, because Jenni is familiar with the strengths and weakness of her former Golf Gapper Analysis clients, she is equipped to guide the lessons in a direction that she believes would best serve the student. Lesson time can be used for video swing analysis, review of golf exercises and golf drills; putting, chipping and sand play practice; and more.



Lessons are given at the Golf Gapper Mobile Lab which is based out of the Woodhaven Golf Club.


  • One-Hour Private Lesson: $150.00
  • Thrity-Minute Private Lesson:  $80.00
  • Initial Forty Five-Minute Golf Gapper Follow-Up Lesson: $100.00


"I had tried to learn golf before but it never really worked out. This time I took the 0- 60 MPH Golf program with my neighbor and now she and I play every week.” 

- Sue K.

“I had never touch a golf club before in my life. I am 74 years old and now I am golfing with my Bridge friends as often as possible." 

- Fran F.

“No more standing at the range for me. I took lessons from Jenni and now I'm hitting the course with my 20 year old grandson....and, more often than not, I beat him!" 

- Betty D.

Jenni Martin, D.C.
The Golf Gapper
Palm Desert, CA